The Stealth Selekta

Zion12 Zion12 was the Tone Scientist's original alter ego. It began in 1999 as he began to step up on his DJ game. Despite DJ'ing since 1993 and doing it professionally since 1995, it wasn't until then that he really got serious in developing this art. Spurred on by living in the creative environment of the Division House and inspired by residing with two excellent DJ's, Kris Moon and Rama, Zion12 was born as Tone Scientist's ruffneck renegade junglist DJ alias. Quickly he developed his skills, got more involved in the scene and branched out to different styles and genres. He also start producing Jungle/Drum & Bass tunes under this moniker. As a DJ, Zion12 was one of the first to introduce to Seattle the early Dubstep sound and the emerging Broken Beat sound in the year 2000. He has held residencies at the club nights Focus and Brokenbeats with the Circle of Fire crew alongside being one of Uniting Souls non-house resident DJ's. He is also the also the original member of Zion's Gate Records alongside the founder, working there for six years helping to build the shop. Spinning has taken him to San Francisco, Portland and Milwaukee among other places and he has shared the stage with artists such as Amon Tobin, Meat Beat Manifesto, Jimpster, Shur-I-Kan, J Da Flex, Oris Jay (Darqwan), Rick Wade, Jah Warrior, Systemwide and many others. Check out Zion12's Soundcloud page.



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