Fourth World

Dub To The Future

Fourth World Fourth World was a one off Dub-Hop project I did in 2001 for Subtitled Records which was a sub-label of the influential Guidance Recordings out of Chicago. It was based of off some experiments combining dub with hip-hop beats for a raw, urban, bass-heavy sound. I knew that Guidance was into dub as they had released the popular Hi-Fidelity Dub sessions so I sent them a couple of tunes. They put it out on their sub-label Subtitled Records which had been lying dormant for a couple of years. This was the only project I did as Fourth World. I have done more dub-hop style beats under the Tone Scientist name. Guidance Recordings unfortunately folded a couple of years later. Check out the tracklist of famous BBC Radio DJ John Peel playing the Fourth World record here.

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