A New Evolution of the Dub Virus

MKS Dubstep MKS is the Dubstep alter-ego of Tone Scientist. A long time Junglist and Dub fanatic, he was involved in the early inception of the sound in 2001. DJ'ing the early dubstep and breakstep sounds as Zion12 in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, he bumped the bassbins wherever he went. Since 2004 he was mainly making Bruk and Hip-Hop but was still observing the mutating sounds of the dub virus. As dubstep's second wave grew Tone Scientist was inspired and MKS was born. Already intent from the beginning to push the borders of the evolving sound, MKS brings many different influences to the table from Electro and Techno to Bruk and Junglist beat trickery. Expect forward looking sounds from the Roots to the Future. Check out MKS' Soundcloud page.

Known Aliases

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